Parent Teacher Club

DeLaveaga Parent Teacher Club (PTC)

Please support your school and get involved with the DeLaveaga PTC!

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How Can You Contribute?
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The DeLaveaga Parent Teacher Club (PTC) is a non-profit, volunteer organization run by DeLaveaga parents (Tax ID number: EIN 91-2144793). The PTC supports DeLaveaga Elementary School through coordination and sponsoring of fundraising activities to benefit our children and assist our teachers. We also sponsor school events and provide numerous hospitality functions to thank our hardworking teachers and staff.
Please click HERE to see a list and the description of some PTC fundraisers.

On average, the DeLaveaga PTC raises over $100,000 a year and funds:

  • Movement/Dance/Music TK-2
  • 5th Grade Science Camp Scholarships
  • Educational assemblies
  • Library Assistant
  • Life Lab Teacher
  • Learning assistants
  • Classroom supplies grants to every teacher
  • And much more
All families are encouraged to get involved and participate in the PTC. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm. Through our meetings, parents find out how they can get involved in supporting DeLaveaga through PTC events and activities. If you can’t attend, you can connect through our Facebook page, or email any of the PTC officers listed below.  We welcome your comments and ideas.
PTC Officers
President: Shuntelle Emanuel email
Vice President: Laina Jacobs email
Treasurer: Jill Piotrowski email
Secretary: Amy Thompson email


Fundraiser Leads
Drive for Schools – Mary Lieby, email
Pledge Drive – Rebecca Contin, email
Walk-a-Thon – Chris Carlock, email
Community Nights Coordinator - Jacqueline Kerkhove email


Communications Chair - Joe Babik, email
Facebook Communications – Shiri Gradek, email
Room Parent Coordinator - Deanna Sessums email

Other Leads
Popcorn Sales - Sara Aluffi email, Caren Dix email , Silvia McLeod email
Assembly Coordinator -  NEED 
Staff Hospitality Coordinator - Shiri Gradek email
Lost & Found Sales Coordinator - Caren Dix, email
Bike to School - Mary Lieby email
Yearbook - Rob & Allison Land, email
School Photographer - Cecile Cruz, email
Bulletin Board Coordinator - Genesis Vargas
Thursday Folder Coordinator - Genesis Vargas


Lead Coordinator/Facilities/Sponsorship -  OPEN ROLE
Games - Victoria MacIntyre
Ticket Sales - Molly O'Neil
Food - Carolina Trelles & Sarah Renfro
Entertainment - Kari Falconer
Raffle/Auction - Amy Craven & Melissa Hutchinson
Volunteer Coordinator - OPEN ROLE
Kids Raffle - OPEN ROLE
Prizes - Kay Redmond
Art Auction -  Rebecca Contin
Finance - Jill Piotrosky


Keep up to date with what is happening at DeLaveaga by joining our Facebook page and Yahoo Group!

PTC Meeting Dates 2021-2022

September 14 via Zoom
October 12 Via Zoom
November 9 
December 14
January 11
February 8
March 8
April 12
May 10