“Dos Alas” Program

“Dos Alas” / Two-Way Immersion Program

Two Way

This page explains the instructional model for students in the Dos Alas Two Way Immersion Program located at DeLaveaga Elementary School.

Admission Process for Two-Way Immersion Program (“Dos Alas”):

What is a two way immersion program?

A Two Way Immersion Program integrates English and Spanish instruction in the same classroom. Students learn to speak, read,and write at grade level proficiency in both languages.

Why choose two way immersion?

Two Way Immersion Programs offer benefits to students that English-only instruction cannot match. Students develop bilingualism and bilcluturalism as each gains academic skills in both languages. Students also develop cognitive flexibility as they transfer language and academic skill between languages.

What is the instructional model?

Students are instructed in Spanish by a Spanish-speaking teacher and in English by an English-speaking teacher. Students are encouraged to help each other speak, read, and write in one another’s native language.

Dos Alas follows a 90/10 instructional model. English is used for a minimum of 10% of the time beginning in kindergarten, and the percentage increases each year until both English and Spanish are used equally.

90/10 Instructional Model
Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Grade Spanish English
Kinder 90% 10%
1st 90% 10%
2nd 80% 20%
3rd 70% 30%
4th 60% 40%
5th 50% 50%


Who is eligible for the program?

The program is open to students who are native speakers of Spanish, English, or are bilingual.

Are there additional benefits of two way language instruction?

Students who receive instruction in a new language develop second language skills while maintaining their native language. Studies show that students in two way immersion programs outperform other students in other seventh grade classes on standardized tests in math, science, and social studies (Collier Thomas Study, 1996).

Bilingualism also promotes critical and creative thinking. Students are also gain language skill that will help each meet high school graduation and college entrance requirements. As we move toward a global economy, individuals who are bilingual will become globally competitive in the job market as well.

Is there a special curriculum for two way programs?

No. Instruction is aligned with the California State Standards in the same way that traditional, English only classrooms are instructed. The difference is the language used to deliver content, not the content itself. The Dos Alas program is especially committed to helping students develop an appreciation of both cultures and supplements instruction with materials that boosts bilcluturalism.

What are the Dos Alas program’s goals?

  • Each student will reach language proficiency (speaking, writing, and listening) in Spanish and English.
  • Each student will achieve academic excellence in Spanish and English.
  • Each student will develop positive self-esteem, cultural awareness and, cultural sensitivity.

Where can I find out more about two-way immersion instructional models?