DeLaveaga Elementary School sits in a residential neighborhood in the hills above Santa Cruz. The school serves approximately 600 students and their families. DeLaveaga has a long history of academic excellence, combined with a commitment to nurture each student’s special gifts and talents. With that end in mind, we are proud to offer a number of music, art, science and academic activities that set us apart from many other private and public schools.

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Specialists on staff at DeLaveaga

On-site specialists include credentialed special education resource teachers, reading teachers, and child psychologists. DeLaveaga also has a number of district-level specialists who can be called upon to assist in making sure that special-needs students have equal educational opportunities.

Student Health Services

An on-site health clerk works daily with student health needs and issues: dispensing medication as indicated by a child’s physician, attending to ill or injured children, and keeping student health records in order. The school is also served by a district nurse who helps conduct vision and hearing screenings and follows legal guidelines regarding student health.

SARC (School Accountability Report Card)


Santa Cruz City Schools Safety Plans